Reel Breakdown

Palemasked Cavedog 

Designed in collaboration with Karina Venneberg Sørensen, with animation by her as well.

Modeled in Maya and Zbrush. Textured in Mudbox and composited in Nuke
Lighting, Shading and Rendering was done in Maya
The fur was created  and simulated with Yeti-Plugin from Peregrine Labs.
This project was rendered with Vray, and was featured in Chaos Groups "Costumer Succes Stories" here

"The Wanderer"
Character from my bachelor project, on my third and final year at The Animation Workshop.
Working within a team of nine people, I am working as the Technical Director.
He was modeled in Maya and Zbrush. The rig was created in Maya and includes a comeplete facial rig, with corrective blendshapes.

Robot Arm
The right arm of a robot I am currently working on. Modeled in Maya. Rendered in Vray

Herbert the Dragon
A sparetime project that I have been working on whenever I wasn't working on my bachelor. 
Designed by myself. Modeled in Maya and Zbrush.
Rigged in Maya, partly using the Advanced Skeleton Plugin by Øyvind Nøstdal.
The skin under his neck and the wing membranes were created with Ncloth in Maya, using a wrap deformer to put the mesh back together for displacement. Textures were created in Mari
Animation by Marion Strunck

Karina Venneberg Sørensen:
Marion Strunck:

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